Rich Thistle Profile VIDEO CBC TV Sunday Arts EntertainmentRich Thistle images are used as covers and inside books, magazines and documentary films in Canada, the USA and England. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in using an original Thistle painting as unique cover art or for inclusion in a book, magazine or film project. Rich also accepts commissions to create original art for such projects. Following are examples of published works and other projects using Thistle images.

Remembrance Day Banner Stratford City Hall Features Rich Thistle paintingBanner Installation City Hall StratfordPhoto By Scott Wishart
Oct. 25/2013 Stratford Beacon Herald

Lange Bros. employees Nick Lange and Josiah Schade affixed two new Remembrance-themed posters to City Hall Friday, as the Legion Poppy campaign kicked off in earnest in the city. A project of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 poppy committee, the work includes one poster with artwork 'TRIBUTE TO COURAGE' by noted former Stratford artist Richard Thistle. Created by Creativeink Design Group in Stratford and hung by Lange Bros., the banners will be on display until Nov. 12.

Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal - Summer 2015DREAM MACHINE
By Rich Thistle ©
Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal
Summer 2015

Article focusing on The Avro Arrow project cancellation and it's aftermath for the Canadian aviation industry.

original painting available
image available as a fine-art print

Diana in Art - Book CoverDIANA IN ART
Book Compiled By Mem Mehmet 2007 ©
Cover Painting By Susan Goulet
Features the work of over 130 artists, including Rich's painting ONCE UPON A TIME

Once Upon a Time (original painting by Rich Thistle)ONCE UPON A TIME
By Rich Thistle ©

original painting available
image available as a fine-art print

READ Rich's article about the motivation and symbolism in his paiinting.

Canadian Sources: Investigated 1914 To PresentCANADIAN SOURCES: INVESTIGATED 1914 To Present
By Elizabeth Freeman-Shaw & Jan Haskings-Winner © 2008
LONE WOLF AT DAWN By Rich Thistle - used in chapter on Billy Bishop WW1 Ace

This Canadian high-school history text book challenges students to examine the facts and the myths in order to formulate their own conclusions about people and events in Canadian history.
Emond Montgomery Publications L:td. Toronto
ISBN #978-1-55239-225-6

READ Rich's article about Billy Bishop

Nickel on the GrassNICKEL ON THE GRASS Reflections of a U.S. Air Force Pilot
By Colonel Phil "Hands" Handley © 2006
Cover painting: RHINO CHARGE
By Rich Thistle ©

Col. Handley presents a series of vignettes capturing his life as an aviator, fighter pilot and leader in a military career spanning 26 years. This is a quote from the book where Phil discusses the cover art...
"The painting RHINO CHARGE shown on the cover is from the easel of noted Canadian artist, Rich Thistle. Working from charts, diagrams, pictures, models and innumerable exchanges with the author, he dramatically captured a historically significant instant of aerial combat with stunning accuracy....I will always be grateful to Rich Thistle for the tenacity, dedication and patience he showed in the creation of this painting which hangs proudly over my bar, and shall forever be a treasured possession."

image available as a litho print
order from the author's WEBSITE and Phil will autoghraph your book

The Digby Diary

A History of RAF Digby in Lincolnshire
1917 - 1953
By John Rennison ©
Cover painting: DIEPPE DAWN By Rich Thistle ©

This book provides a detailed history of the Lincolnshire airfield known today as Royal Air Force Station Digby from its earliest days to the immediate post war years. The "Diary" details the historic, humorous, tragic and typical events that characterize the station's history. This fascinating book will appeal to the many who have memories of the time as well as the military, aviation history enthusiast. The station's history has never been chronicled in detail before and the diary format allows the reader to correlate squadron and unit activities with the appropriate dates and many contemporary photographs.

image available as a fine-art print

The Tunnel King

THE TUNNEL KING The True Story of Wally Floody and the Great Escape
Harper Collins Publishers
By Barbara Hehner © 2004
Cover painting for the first printing: IN THE BALANCE By Rich Thistle ©

“Wally Floody lay on his side, propped up on one elbow. He was in a 2-foot-square space, so cramped he could not turn around. With his knife, he hacked at the wall of yellow sand. Then he heard a hissing sound. He knew what it was and backed up frantically as the roof collapsed… “ The Great Escape was one of the most daring prisoner-of-war breakouts of the Second World War. Yet few Canadians know the heroic story of Wally Floody. Wally was a Canadian fighter pilot, imprisoned in Stalag Luft III, who was a key figure—the Tunnel King—in the carefully planned escape. Shot down over France on his very first combat mission, Wally Floody was captured by German soldiers and spent almost four years in prisoner-of-war camps. Many prisoners felt it was their duty to try to escape, and Wally—who had worked as a miner before the war—knew the best way out was to tunnel underground. Soon he joined a group determined to organize the largest escape ever. Over 600 men, facing the constant threat of discovery by their German guards, took turns doing everything from inventing tools to forging documents to hiding the tons of sand dug out from the tunnels. Packed with fascinating details of life in the camp, such as how the prisoners learned to build their own radios from empty cookie tins or make hockey skates from scrap metal, The Tunnel King is not only an exciting and action-packed story, but a tribute to a courageous Canadian.

image available as a litho print

War on Our DoorstepWAR ON OUR DOORSTEP
The Unknown Campaign on North America's West Coast
Published by Heritage House, Canada
By Brendan Coyle © 2002
Cover painting: VICTORY OVER KISKA By Rich Thistle ©

"Brendan Coyle has done a magnificent job in this comprehensive review of the war on the West Coast. No other single volume has so neatly tied together the myriad stories of how the war affected people in British Columbia, California Oregon, Washington, and Alaska."
-Jim Delgado, Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Museum-
The realities of war dawned on North America on a June morning in 1942, when chief gunner Saboru Hayashi took dead aim on British Columbia's Estevan Point lighthouse and wireless station. Sixty years later, the fascinating events of that era and their impact on both the Canadian and American psyche remain virtually unknown to much of the world. After conducting decades of research and interviews with veterans of the conflict, author Brendan Coyle reveals the campaign that included three attacks on the West Coast, an air raid on Oregon, and the harsh battles fought in Alaska. Coyle's captivating 240 page account includes over 110 photographs and maps that document the era and events.

image available as a fine-art print

A Hero to MeA HERO TO ME 

Diana Bishop, granddaughter of Canadian William Avery "Billy" Bishop, the most decorated Allied fighter pilot in the First World War, explores her family's war legacy.

Original WW1 paintings used in the film by Rich Thistle ©

Produced by Ballinran Productions & Cilla Productions for Global Television & TV Ontario. © 2003
A Hero to Me Productions Inc.
VIDEO / DVD (48 minutes)

A Tradition of ExcellenceA TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE;
Canada's Airshow Team Heritage
By Dan Dempsey © 2002
FLYING THE FLAG by Rich Thistle © - used inside the book

Hundreds of Canadians kindly shared their experiences, photographs and artwork to this ambitious project.

Publisher / Distributor & Direct Sales: Dan Dempsey
First edition SOLD OUT
Second Edition 2008, with additional content & images
Purchase From High Flight Enterprises Ltd.

Valiant Young Men; Heroes of FlightVALIANT YOUNG MEN; HEROES OF FLIGHT By Bryce D. Gibby © 2006

FINAL VICTORY & ENCOUNTER WITH A LEGEND by Rich Thistle © - used inside the book

An exciting comparison of three well known pioneers of aviation; Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and Captain James Hall.

Publisher: Perlycross Publishers

FINAL VICTORY available as a litho print

ENCOUNTER WITH A LEGEND available as a litho print

Medallion Set
Royal Canadian Mint
Unveiled in Ottawa Apr. 1994
Commemorating Canada's participation in WWII

WE FLEW WITH THE HEROIC FEW By Rich Thistle was depicted on one of the six medallions featuring the work of Canadian war artists and aviation artists Alex Colville, Orville Fisher, Harold Beament, Will Ogilvie & Don Connolly.

WE FLEW WITH THE HEROIC FEW is available as a litho print

Medallion Set CoverMedallion SetMedallion Set - Detail

Toronto Aviation & Aircraft ShowTORONTO AVIATION & AIRCRAFT SHOW
program cover & offical show poster

poster image / original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(Murphy Rebel)

image available as a fine-art print



cover / original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(CF Aurora)

image available as a fine-art print


cover/original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(Memphis Belle - B17)

image available as a fine-art print



cover/original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(Brewster Buffalo)


cover/original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(Canadair CL 215)

image available as a fine-art print



cover/original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(Fokker Dr1 Manfred VonRichthofen)

image available as a fine-art print



cover/original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(CF 18A Hornet)

image available as a fine-art print



cover/original painting

By Rich Thistle ©

(Hurricanes 401 Sqn. RCAF)

image available as a fine-art print

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