• 2015 (Summer) Dream Machine CANADIAN AVIATION HISTORICAL SOCIETY Journal
  • 2003 (Sept) Tough & Ready; the Memphis Belle AVIATION HISTORY magazine, Leesburg VA
  • 1996 (Nov) Black Lynx Victory AVIATION HISTORY magazine, Leesburg VA
  • 1995 (July) Final Victory AVIATION HISTORY magazine, Leesburg VA
  • 1993 (July) Pursuit of the Luciana AIRFORCE magazine, Ottawa ON
  • 1992 (Mar) Hornets over the Gulf AIRFORCE magazine, Ottawa ON
  • 1991 (Apr) Where There's Smoke AIRFORCE magazine, Ottawa ON
  • 1990 (Sept) We Flew with the Heroic Few AIRFORCE magazine, Ottawa ON


  • 1999 (May) Feature article; Billy Bishop: Lone Wolf at Dawn AVIATION HISTORY magazine
  • 1995-98 (thirty-three monthly articles); Aviation Images, COPA CANADIAN FLIGHT national newspaper
  • 1998 (Jan) Feature article; The Avro Arrow; Canada's Supersonic Fighter Fiasco AVIATION HISTORY magazine
  • 1997 (Nov) Art of Flight article; George Beurling: Fox in the Henhouse AVIATION HISTORY magazine
  • 1995 (Jan) Art of Flight article; Ken Boomer: Victory Over Kiska AVIATION HISTORY magazine
  • 1995 (May) Art of Flight article; Into the Blue AVIATION HISTORY magazine 1994 (Jan) Art of Flight article; David Hornell; Press on Regardless AVIATION HISTORY magazine


  • Nickel on the Grass; Reflections of a U.S. Air Force Pilot
    Author: Colonel Philip W. "Hands" Handley 2006 ©
    Published By iUniverse Books Inc.USA ISBN# 0-595-39735-2
    Image used: Rhino Charge BY Rich Thistle ©
  • The Tunnel King; The True Story of Wally Floody and the Great Escape
    By Barbara Hehner 2004 © - 1st printing
    Published by Harper Collins Publishers, Canada ISBN 0006394779
    Image used: In the Balance By Rich Thistle ©
  • The Digby Diary; A History of RAF Digby in Lincolnshire 1917 - 1953
    Author: John Rennison 2003 ©
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  • War on our Doorstep; The Unknown Campaign on North America's West Coast
    Author: Brendan Coyle 2003 ©
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    Image used: Victory Over Kiska By Rich Thistle ©
  • Miscelaneous military publications such as the Canadian Dept. of National Defence Air Force News, use Thistle images to illustrate feature articles or anniversary events etc.

DOCUMENTARY FILMS ... original artwork provided for use in film

  • A Hero To Me 2003 Ballinran Productions ©, Cilla Productions with Global Television & TFO-TV Ontario, the story of Canadian WW1 flying ace Billy Bishop as told by his granddaughter, journalist & television broadcaster, Diana Bishop